Warning: Missing Summer U will result in FOMO

IYKYK! There's a reason members schedule their family vacations around our Summer U Conference! Our Summer University Conference not only provides hands-on training and the chance to refine your skills, its a chance to network with other transit professionals who are in the same stage of their career. 

  • Laid back - leave the blazer and suit pants at home 
  • Intimate - these sessions are designed to encourage attendees to ask specific questions and get actionable answers
  • No Stranger Danger - no pressure here! Summer U attendees are typically younger than our annual conference attendees. Making them more relatable to where you are in your professional career
  • Networking - get ready to learn a lot about your fellow transit peeps (if you want to). 



Session Topics 


Quickly Repurpose Your Content with AI

The Power of Short-Form Video: Engaging Your Audience in a Minute

The Customer Experience: Why it's the #1 factor in your successs

Your New BFF - Marketing Automation



Transit Law

Transit Potpourri (featuring Mary McDougle-Devine of VIA Metro)

Procurement & Project Management (featuring Jim LaRusch)

FTA Regional Counsel Update

Asset Management

13C & Labor Issues

Legal Ethics


SWTA: Next Gen 

Rising in the Industry

Hey Boomer! Working With Older Colleagues

Learn More About FTA

Training & Technical Assistance in the Transit Industry

Enhancing Your Soft Skills


1 Day Intensive with Ron Brooks

Structured Discovery in the Built Environment 

Includes a walkabout tour and in-class instruction.


More on Accessible Avenue 


Off-Site Event Destinations


Speakers & Panelists 

The team is finalizing our session experts over the next two weeks. Our list is long - and really good!  Once confirmed, our experts will be announced on our website, social media pages, and newsletter! 


Hotel Accommodations 

DO NOT wait to book your hotel room. Some members can recall a Summer U Conference not so long ago where they waited too long to book. Let's just say, they wish they hadn't!  Hotel Details & Special Rate


Registration Details 

As a reminder, a limited number of conference tickets are available. This allows us to ensure we stay true to the value of Summer U and the intiamte sessions you all know and love. Registration options can be found here


Convince Your Boss 

Think about this: If you purchase something that generates more value than the cost, it's actually an investment NOT an expense. (it's a write-off!)


So take the current ticket price, divide it by 12 and ask: “Would you be willing to make a training investment in me for less than $38 per month?” (Even less if you are not planning on attending the entire 3-day conference.)


If they say “yes,” then ask, “What information do you need in order to sign off on this conference and travel expenses? Can we make it a priority to get this solidified this week so I don't miss out?"


Why Not Win An Award?

Don't forget to submit your campaign(s) for a Spotlight Award!


Transit agencies of all sizes in the SWTA region whose membership is in good standing are eligible to enter the 2024 36th Annual Spotlight and Hit the Spot Awards.

  • We've simplified the submission process
  • You can't win if you don't submit 
  • You should be rewarded for your amazing work


Winners will be announced on July 1st and will receive an award at SWTA's Summer University. If your campaign is selected and wins a Spotlight Award, we will mail it to you if you are unable to attend Summer University. 

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