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To research your annual passenger trip calculations, go to the following link, find your agency's most recent profile and your annual unlinked trips in the service consumption section.

NTD Transit Agency Profiles | FTA (dot.gov) 

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  • Spotlight Award: Honors outstanding work for a total transit marketing campaign. The award recognizes a total mixed-media marketing campaign that shows a unifying strategy, purpose, or theme. It is typically an awareness building or educational campaign.


  • Hit the Spot Awards: Honors outstanding work for single and/or new transit marketing projects.  Categories include:

    • Print Media:  Single collateral entries including, but not limited to, route maps, brochures, OOOH, and print advertising, printed newsletters, giveaways, etc.

    • Electronic Media: Including, but not limited to, radio or TV commercials, PSA (public service announcements), podcasts, and educational videos.

    • Social Media: Any online medium that permits directs contact and/or two-way conversation with your target audience.  Including, but not limited to social media campaigns, electronic apps, digital display ads, traditional digital media advertisements, LIVEs, etc.

    • Event Promotion: Including, but not limited to, in-person ride campaigns, employee recognition events, contests, community service events, etc.

See category descriptions from question above

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(age, gender, income, educational level, specialized market, etc...)

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(ridership increase, event attendance, etc...)

(especially if you cannot quantify your campaign)

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Upon submission of this form you will receive a confirmation message with the file upload link to upload the campaign's PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS. (Limit 5 samples per submission) Or you can insert a link to your media in the file name section. The link to upload your media is https://spaces.hightail.com/uplink/swtanation

File name format: Organization, First and Last Name, Category, Sample # 


SWTA Alex Aitkin Hit the Spot Print sample 1

SWTA Alex Aitkin Hit the Spot Print sample 2

SWTA Alex Aitkin Spotlight Award Print sample 1

SWTA Alex Aitkin Spotlight Award Print sample 2

SWTA Alex Aitkin Spotlight Award Print sample 3

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