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New and updated trolley-style buses hit the road on July 2

Last June, Galveston City Council approved the purchase of eight buses totaling $2,495,944 to replace the City’s outdated cutaway buses and four preexisting trolley buses. The buses were delivered this year. A decision which was made due to the aging nature of the City’s available vehicles, and a need to create stylistic cohesion in a historic city like Galveston.

The new trolley buses will feature styles similar to the Seawall trolley buses enroute since 2017 which are referential to the historic Galveston trolleys. The eight trolleys will have different design schemes depending on the route the bus takes. Four of the new buses will feature red paint on their upper halves which denotes that they use the island’s federally-funded fixed routes. These routes service parts of the city’s urban core connecting Broadway, downtown, the UTMB campus, and parts of the West End. The four fixed-route buses will begin operations on July 2. 

The other four trolley buses will have green paint on their upper halves which represents their status as a “Seawall Trolley.” Funded partially through hotel occupancy tax (HOT), these buses help visitors and tourists navigate Seawall Boulevard. The Seawall trolley route extends from 81st to Stewart Beach in both east and westbound directions. During the week the buses will run at an hourly rate (meaning they will circulate to a stop every hour), while during the weekend they will return to a stop every 30 minutes.

Information on fares, routes, schedules and updates on anything related to Island Transit can be found on the City of Galveston’s website under the Transportation Department’s web page.

The City of Galveston is excited to continue its efforts in servicing both residents and visitors in creating better transit. In 2023, the City purchased and implemented three trolley buses utilizing alternative fueling methods which are still in operation. In optimizing the City’s fleet of trolley buses, it has not lost sight of what makes the City attractive to many visitors each year as well as the residents who utilize its services throughout the year. Because of this, the City has sought to preserve the historic character of the City as well as provide equitable service to residents and visitors alike.

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