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South West Transit Association

SWTA Legislative Tracking Center

As an area of strategic focus for SWTA in offering Focused Legislative Support, we provide updated overviews on legislation currently introduced in and passed by the United States Congress. Below are quarterly updates legislative topics, including bill summaries, their respective priority for SWTA and our current status in support or opposition.

For additional details on any federal legislation, policy or regulation, contact SWTA Executive Director Rich Sampson at or 225.270.0855.

Legislative Topics:

Funding & Investment

-Spring 2022 Update

-Summer 2021 Update


-Spring 2022 Update

-Summer 2021 Update


-Spring 2022 Update

SWTA Priorities (Combatting Human Trafficking, Serving Military Veterans, Emergency/Disaster Response & Support, Transit in Border Communities)

-Spring 2022 Update

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

-Spring 2022 Update

COVID-19 Investment & Policies

-Spring 2022 Update


Fall 2021 General Legislative Update


Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas


Funding & Investment Spring 2022 Update

Modes & Vehicles Spring 2022 Update

Regulations Spring 2022 Update

SWTA Priorities Spring 2022 Update

NEMT Spring 2022 Update

COVID Spring 2022 Update

Fall 2021 Legislative Update

Funding Summer 2021 Update

Regulations Summer 2021 Update

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